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Legend:  spicy spicy  

T6. Shanghai Stewed Pork Cubes in Brown Sauce

Slow cooked with soy sauce, wine, sugar

T4. Shandong Deep Fried Beer Chicken

Deep fried chicken preserved with beer sauce

T16. Dry Pot Mixed Mushroom

Stir-fried with diced peppers, bean curd & chilli-garlic sauce

T3. Legend Boiled Blood Curd Spicy

Pork blood curd, lunch meat on celery, bean sprout surround by chili oil...

T13. Szechuan Wok Fried Spicy Pot Spicy

Lotus root, mushroom, cauliflower, potato, woodear, dry chili, squid, shrimp,...

T14. Chop Pepper Fish Spicy

Chop pepper on fish slices with ginger and garlic Choice of mild, medium...

T12. Bean Curd Rolls with Enoki Mushroom

Enoki mushrooms, bean curd rolls on carrot and green vegetable

T1. Legend Boiled Fish in Chili Oil Spicy

Fish slices with garlic, green onion surrounded by chili oil and spicy...

T15. Dry Fried Shredded Squid Spicy

Stir-fried with diced chili peppers, green onion, Szechuan peppercorn Choice...

T10. Dry Fried Bullfrog Legs Spicy

Sautéed bullfrog legs with green onion, onion, enoki mushrooms, garlic, ...

T2. Dry Fried Pork Intestines Spicy

Stir-fried with garlic, green onion, chili peppers and Szechuan pepper Choice...

T8. Sautéed Diced Lamb with Cumin

Stir-fried with cumin & chili flakes

T11. Scrambled Egg with Shrimps

Stir-fried egg and shrimps

T7. Sautéed Diced Beef with Cumin

Stir-fried with cumin and chili flakes