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D1. Shanghai “Xiao Long Bao” Soup Dumplings (8)

Filled with minced pork, ginger, and a savory sauce

D5. Legend Beef Rolls

Five-spiced beef rolled in a crispy green onion flatbread and sweet hoisin...

D3. Pan-Fried Pork Buns (6)

Filled with pork and scallions, soft bun, crispy bottom

D21. Pan-Fried Pork Dumplings (8)

Filled with pork and cabbage

D16. Szechuan Hot Chilli Wontons (8)

Pork filling tossed in chili oil, garlic, vinegar and spinach

D17. Shanghai Wontons (8)

Pork and leafy green filling served in a light broth with spinach and ...

D13. Mandarin Pork Dumplings (10)

Filled with pork, chives, cabbage, green onions, boiled

D23. Shanghai Style Spring Rolls

D15. Spicy and Tangy Dumplings (10)

Pork dumplings served in spicy and sour soup base

D11. Green Onion Flatbread

Mixed with green onion and salt and pan-fried

D20. Threaded Bun Roll

Soft layered texture on the inside, available steamed or fried, served...

D6. Legend Potato Rolls

Crispy flatbread rolled with shredded potato, scallions, and sweet hoisin...

D2. Steamed Soft Pork Buns (6)

Soft yeasty bun with a salted pork filling

D9. Cumin Beef and Flatbread

A sesame flatbread filled with beef, cumin, and fresh hot peppers

D19. Vegetable Dumplings (8)

Filled with vermicelli, bokchoi, tofu, mushroom, and carrot, available...

D12. Chive Pockets (2)

Pan fried, filled with chives, egg, vermicelli, and shrimp

D8. Stewed Marbled Pork and Flatbread

Stewed in dark sweet soy, served in a sesame flatbread

D7. Legend Egg Rolls

Crispy flatbread rolled with eggs, pork floss and sweet hoisin sauce

D10. Sesame Flatbread (2)

Partially leavened, covered in sesame seeds, toasted to a soft crunch