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Choice of hand-dragged noodles (long, round and softer) OR blade-sheared noodles (wide, flat and chewy)

Legend:  spicy spicy   vegetarian vegetarian  

N2. Szechuan Beef Soup Noodles Spicy

Stewed beef in a dark spicy broth, spinach, and cilantro Choice of mild,...

N8. Lan-Zhou Beef Soup Noodles

Sliced five-spiced beef, spinach, and cilantro in a light broth

N4. Chicken Soup Noodles

Chicken, woodear mushroom and bokchoy in a light broth

N5. Stewed Lamb Soup Noodles

Tender lamb, napa cabbage and woodear mushroom in a light broth

N6. Xi'an White Lamb Stew

A tradition lamb dish steeped with diced flat-bread, napa cabbage, woodear...

N1. Shan-Xi Spicy and Tangy Soup Noodles SpicyVegetarian

Diced pork, pickled green beans, mushroom, carrots, and potatoes Choice...

N3. Snow Greens Soup Noodles Vegetarian

Potherb mustard greens and shredded pork in a light broth Vegetarian

N7. Vegetable and Tofu Soup Noodles

Assorted vegetables and crispy tofu in a light chicken broth