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Choice of hand-dragged noodles (long, round and softer) or blade-sheared noodles (wide, flat and chewy)

Legend:  spicy spicy   vegetarian vegetarian  

N10. Dan-Dan Noodles SpicyVegetarian

Spicy, tangy peanut sauce, minced pork, and spinach Choice of mild, medium...

N14. Xi'an Cold Steamed Noodles SpicyVegetarian

A soft chewy noodle created steaming process, served with a garlic-chili...

N9. Beijing "Zha-Jiang Mian” Noodles Vegetarian

Savory dark pork sauce, shredded cucumber, and bean sprouts Vegetaria...

N13. Sizzled Hot-Chilli Noodles SpicyVegetarian

Sizzling hot chili-garlic oil drizzled on top of greens and zesty soy sauce Choice...

N12. Tangy Tomato and Egg Noodles Vegetarian

Chunky fresh tomato sauce scrambled egg and green onions Vegetarian

N11. Shan-Xi Sauce Noodles Vegetarian

Diced pork, potatoes, carrots and garlic stems in a savory sauce Vege...