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A14. Szechuan Hot and Sour Soup Spicy

Pork, shrimp, bamboo, mushroom, and egg in a spicy sour soup Choice of...

A16. Seafood & Tofu Soup

Fish, prawn, squid, soft tofu and egg white in a clear broth

A15. Sweet Corn and Chicken Soup

Pureed corn, diced chicken, and shredded egg

A13. Seaweed, Tofu and Pork Soup

Seaweed, tofu and sliced pork in a light broth

A18. Tomato & Egg Soup

Fresh tomato & threaded egg simmered in a light broth

A12. Savoury Lamb Soup

Soft tofu, vermicelli, napa cabbage and woodear mushroom in a light br...